On Sunday (the day that was made brunching) of last week, I attended a blogger event at Esquires Coffee. There are so many amazing brunch spots in Bournemouth but they don’t all have the charm and kind staff like Esquires do. This venue is always busy and is probably one of the most popular brunch destinations to go to in Bournemouth, probably because it’s so ‘Instagrammable’. Even though all the food was gifted last week, I have been here before with my friends and will definitely be back. I tend to prefer to go to independent cafés because they do fresher food and are a lot more welcoming, however, despite being a chain, Esquires still had this same feeling and quality food.
When I arrived I was warmly welcomed by Hannah who had contacted me about the event and Jonathan (store manager) and Ibrahim (store owner). The location is situated right near the centre of town, perfect for after you’ve done a bit of shopping to take the weight off your feet and relax with your friends. This kind service carried on throughout the evening by regularly being offered drinks, made sure we were satisfied and any of our blogger needs met. Once me and friends had sat down I ordered one of their fresh juice press’ which are made from locally grown organic fruit and veg. I had one made from kale, cucumber, apple, and many other healthy ingredients. They even came in cool jars perfect for Instagram.
The menu has so much to choose from, from your classic eggs Royale or Benedict to sandwiches or soup. Plus, not only was the food delicious but it is well in a student’s budget. I ordered the eggs Royale, and as I have given up bread for lent they kindly swapped the toasted muffins for hash browns (one of my favourite things). I ordered an extra side of avocado too which was the biggest portion I’ve ever been given!! The poached eggs popped perfectly which every blogger wants so they can do a boomerang. After I had (almost) demolished the plate I was absolutely stuffed, but as soon as cake was mentioned I was ready for a slice.
Esquires has such a vast display of cakes and sweet treats it was extremely difficult for me to pick just one and took me probably 10 minutes + to decide! I had the raspberry and coconut slice whilst sipping my soya milk hot chocolate and it was to die for. But, I was very naughty and Johnathon let me take home a slice of the Daim cake and the chocolate orange cake. The Daim cake, and this means a lot coming from me, was I have to say better than Ikea’s, plus you don’t need to go all the way to Southampton for it, you can get it right in the centre of Bournemouth. If you go to Esquires and they have the chocolate orange cake in then you have to get it as it’s limited edition and the next time you go it may be gone! I will definitely be back to sample every cake.
This is deffo the spot to go with your friends! If you’re in Bournemouth get your butt down to Esquires.