“What Have I Bought From I Saw It First?”

“What Haven’t You Bought From There Should Be The Question?”

So I’ve been writing this blog post for a while and it has taken me so long because I just have too much stuff, every time i go to finish it I buy more stuff and I’ve had so much uni work! (As some of the items I’ve bought are no longer available I have linked similar).


No this isn’t a sponsored post. But yes, I do love I Saw It First. Since my love hate relationship with PrettyLittleThing, i had to find a replacement to feed my shopping addiction. *Enter I Saw It First*. My new place I could go to get cheap clothes and do massive hauls without breaking my bank.  I know I Saw It First isn’t that different and they do a lot of items similar to other online shops. BUT, it’s the same stuff for like half the price. Urban Outfitters is probably my favourite high street shop, I love the style and unique items, but it’s hard to do a haul on a student budget. That’s where I Saw It First comes in.

You Can NEVER Have Too Many Tops 

I call this top my top my ‘boob top’ because it makes my boobs look so damn good (and trust me it’s hard for big boobs to actually look good). It fits so perfectly in every way, it was from their curve section. Another style of top that does wonders for your boobs (big or small) are the ones that tie at the front. Mine have flared sleeves which make me feel like a member of Abba or like I just stepped off the set of the final scene in Mamma Mia, the first one obvs. A little tip for these tops is to check the fabric, if it’s polyester they tend to fit small which is great for your boobs but tight on your arms.


At the start of the year, I bought a one sleeve black top which I love! It goes with all outfits and can be dressed up or down. A couple months ago, I ordered a one shouldered bodysuit in a neon yellow and it is honestly as bright as a yellow highlighter. It is so bright that you can see through it slightly but I love it so much I’ll have to either free the nip or buy some plasters. As neon is my new thing at the moment I also ordered a neon lime turtle neck. I’m going to style this with my new black t shirt dress or under black tops. I love to contrast neon with darker colours especially black (I can’t not wear black) because it makes he highlights of neon stand out more. I have to admit the neon was inspired by my friend ordering one of the classic I Saw It First lace bodysuits in a neon lime colour. I also have this in red and they are very boujee. If you have big boobs then they do fit but you have to be on high alert for a nip slip. These are perfect for wearing out as a top or more casually by styling it under shirts and blazers.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

My boyfriend bought me a pair of croc print sock boots as one of my Christmas presents as I am obsessed with sock boots. When these were 50% off you just can’t say no. What I’m about to say make sense to my friends so I hope it makes sense to you. Basically, they are like grown up heels. You are walking on your toes so it is like walking in a stiletto and when I walk in them it is like learning to walk in heels when you try on some of your mum’s for the first time. I don’t mean they look like mum shoes because trust me the look so good, I feel like a bad bitch, they are proper heels. There is no platform under your toes making it easier to walk so they are grown up heels.

Dress To Impress

One of my season must haves was a blazer. One that I could wear to placement interviews but also
 one I could wear a lace bodysuit under or style with cycling shorts. I already have one from Missy Empire but classic me needed another one so I bought one from I Saw It First which is perfect for these purposes. It is grey with a sort of check or gingham pattern which matches my wardrobe of black clothes. Another item of clothing with the same purpose of interview or even going out that I purchased was a pair of grey high waisted, cigarette trousers with a chunky belt attached that is the same colour. I am sure you’ve seen plenty of bloggers wearing these, I was first inspired by India Moon and even though I only have one pair I hope to get more as they are flattering and suit most occasions.



I couldn’t think of a witty subheading sorry guys. I’ve bought two pinafore dress styles from I Saw It First, one is black that you sort of wrap either side and it has a deep v neck so styled with a white turtle neck underneath you look ready to get that job you want or it even works as a cute brunch outfit. The second pinafore is a cute pink (yep I bought something that is pink) pinafore dress. This is also best styled with a white turtle neck and it is a lot more figure hugging than the first.


A jumper dress, is it a jumper, is it a dress? This is one of my favourite items which I’ve mentioned before in my autumn trends blog. Over the A/W seasons I collated a wardrobes worth of jumper dresses and sweater dresses. One of them being a black, chunky knit dress with a low back and a knot for extra detail. This with a belt round the waist and the croc print boots makes a perfect city break, brunch or dinner outfit.


The Staple Jumper

So the other half of the jumper dress is the jumper. Anyone who knows me knows I live in jumpers and have a huge jumper collection that is overdue a clear out. But can you ever have too many jumpers?
My knit collection was in desperate need of an update so I bought a high neck, white, knit jumper and a mustard frilly neck and sleeve cropped jumper. Mustard was the colour I pretty much lived in, in autumn and the white jumper I really wanted and so I shopped around for the cheapest one and found at I Saw It First (shock). This is my biggest online shopping tip; SHOP AROUND. Most of the online shops sell the exact same clothes at different prices so look for the best deal. Another example of this is the off the shoulder, cropped sweater which everyone got from PrettyLittleThing (I got my white one from there) but I Saw It First then did the exact the same jumper which I bought in black. I also got a rugby jumper from here which is long so with my crop cycling shorts (also from I Saw It First) creates a sort of cute boyfriend style outfit (see in picture above).

The Bottom Half

Other than my cycling shorts I haven’t bought many bottoms from I Saw It First but one pair of bottoms I did buy was the paper bag waist, straight leg jeans. These fit big, I got a size 6 and the waist is still quite big but they’re super comfy and they give me massive 90s vibes which is like my favourite look. They’ve started doing paperboy waist shorts which I need a pair of.

Accessories Are An Essential

I am OBSESSED with my black saddle bag so I can channel my inner faux Dior (I think it’s out of stock so will share when it comes back). Even better, it comes with a short strap to wear on my shoulder and a longer, adjustable one that I can wear across my chest which is perfect for festivals as a stylish replacement for the bum bag. Another new out out/festival accessory I bought is a yellow belt that looks like warning tape (there’s really no better way to describe it). It goes amazing with my many black clothes.
So as it is the summer, sunglasses are a must (although I can’t pull off the classic sunglasses pushing the hair back look). I got a gorgeous pair of cat eye, turtle shell ones which go perfectly with my turtle shell hoops. Turtle shell is definitely a must have of the summer. I am also loving the cat eye shape for glasses this year.

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