In this blog I’m going to be talking about some of my favourite TV shows, what I’m watching and what I want to be watching. I know this is the most basic post but anyone who knows me, knows I am pretty much a pro at watching series. Whenever someone talks about a series they want to watch, I’ve usually watched it already. I’m known for watching a series or two within a day and finishing box sets that take my friends sometimes year within a couple of weeks. I don’t know what it is but I get so invested in series or I can just watch things so easily while doing other things and tbh I just really love watching TV shows. Also there may be a couple of spoilers in her, just a heads up.

Grey’s Anatomy 

Ah what a show. This show is an emotional rollercoaster and if you’re an emotional person you may not be able to handle crying at pretty much every episode. So, I actually didn’t think I’s watch Grey’s Anatomy, I just watched one episode to see what it was like and then I was going to start Mad Men. However, after one episode I was hooked and like 15 or something series later I’m still watching it and am yet to start Mad Men. This show is known for using strong women and its crazy storylines.

How To Get Away With Murder

Like Greys Anatomy, HTGAWM is part of Shondaland. I’m sure most people have seen or heard of this show as it became huge on Netflix a few years ago. This show has been a god send for my uni student life as Annalise, the strong, black, female lead, played by the amazing Viola Davis, is the perfect character to write about. I love how intense the show is, I actually binge watched series 3 within a day!! Although, ngl I don’t think the last series (4) was as amazing as the others but I’m hoping when the next series is out soon it lives up to my expectations. Also, anyone else think Annalise’s students should appreciate her more? *SPOILER* She helped you cover up you murdering her husband, be grateful!!!


Yet another Shonda Rhimes TV show. Clearly I just love her work. Just like HTGAWM, it is intense, so dramatic and just like Grey’s Anatomy it made me cry. (I cry at so many TV shows, I think I just get too into them!) And in true Shonda style, the show uses a strong, black, female lead. The love triangle between Jake, Fitz and Olivia had me all over the place. One minute I wanted her with Fitz, then the next with Jake.

Black Mirror

This show is just, wow. Like, the stuff they come up with blows my mind (and scares the s**t out of me). Especially as some of the things are being created or are even similar to things we already have. The fourth series was actually incredible. The first series took me a couple of episodes to get into and understand but after that I was obsessed. Did think the Bandersnatch film could’ve been better though, I was very confused throughout it. Although, I’ve been told I need to rewatch it and choose other options (I thought I’d chosen them all but apparently there’s a lot more) and then it is really good.

Desperate Housewives

I started watching desperate housewives on Amazon Prime and then they took it off when I was on season 5!!! I was NOT okay!! But, my amazing boyfriend bought me the box set and I finished it within a week or so.  Think this is up there with my all time faves. The drama is fab, I love it how so much happens on one little street. One thing I hate but love about TV shows is when they don’t go the way I want. Sometimes this will ruin a show for me but Desperate Housewives always found their way back to what i wanted (can you tell I’m a control freak who likes things to go her way?) 😂 Since watching the show i swear I see the actors on basically every show I’ve watched since.

Killing Eve

This has Sandra Oh in it, who is also the best, bad ass bish in Greys Anatomy and so I had to watch it. Jodie Comer who plays Villanelle is incredible at playing a sadistic assassin and even though she’s crazy I think she’s pretty sick. Smashing it in a male dominated profession I guess 😂 The show blends drama with humour and I can’t wait to see the next series. There better be one after that ending. Another BBC drama that has been smashing it is The Bodyguard. It was so intense so watching Killing Eve where it would dance between tense scenes and light humour was a nice change. Side note, did anyone see Richard Madden (the lead actor in The Bodyguard) at the NTA’s, he looked so different and kinda hot!

The Many, Many Crime Shows I Watch

If you know me, you’ll know I love the crime genre and watch so many different series I literally can’t keep up. From all the different CSI’s and NCIS’ to Law & Order: SVU, Bull, Castle, 911 and so many more. I just started watching Shades of Blue and if you have any other recommendations hmu. It’s kinda ironic how when I was younger ant crime show would give me nightmares now I love them.