If there is one thing womanhood is always teaching me, it is that your sisters (genetic or not) are so important. We need to support each more than ever. Throughout different stages in my life, I have been shaped by some incredible women who I am very lucky to call my friends. This blog is all about positivity and saying thank you for being you.

My Sisterhood At School

I never used to be a “girls girl” when I was at school because girls meant drama, so I used to get on with boys better, but this meant drama🙄. You could never win at school. I did meet some amazing girls at school and I have my few close girl friends who I still love and see today. Temisis, my sister from another mister, you have taught me so much about the world and myself and widened my mind in so many ways. You are probably the strongest, most positive and brave person I know. Yana, your beauty and kindness taught me to never judge a book by its cover, plus you always make me laugh. Maisie, your talent is incredible and I hope you get to explore and pursue it in life. Sophie and Tori, your caring nature calmed me exactly when I needed it. Gaby, you never fail to amaze me with your strength, you have given me confidence when I needed it and been there for me when I needed it. Plus, who can forget your iconic, infectious laugh.

My Dance School Sisters

At the age of about three or four, I joined a dance school and this is where I first learnt about what a sisterhood really is. I grew up with these girls and have known some of them longer than I’ve known my sisters. I still see some of them today and in contact with more. I couldn’t even try to name them all as there are so many of us with a bond and memories that will last a life time. You saw me and I saw you grow into who you are today. Even if we don’t really talk much anymore, you will always be my sisters and if you ever need me just call. Two of the girls I met when I was three, Temisis and Rachel, are still two of my best friends today and I cherish them so much. Rachel, we have been through pretty much every stage of life together, and you have stuck by me and made me smile more times than I can count.

The College Sisterhood

When I joined college ur group of friends was huge but I also made friends with some great people in my classes too. But, it is the girls I made friends with who have stayed constant in my life and still support me to this day. Rachel, Anna, Claudia, Bella, Victoria, Emma, Abbie, Chloe, Phoebe and all the other amazing women who came into my life or we became better friends there, (there are too many to list), thank you for giving me some of the most memorable and hilarious years of my life. These years I grew into a woman and learnt so much about who I was and wasn’t. Phoebe, I have never met someone who makes me laugh so much from just being you, never change!

Uni Gals

Now I’m at university I have grown and matured and been influenced by people from all over the country, from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Yasmin, we met in college and you haven’t been able to get rid of me since😉, we have helped each other a lot and you always have my back. I don’t know how I’m going to cope not living with you next year. Dee, even though we have known each other since school, at uni you have helped me grow in confidence, motivated me and grounded me when I needed it. Emily, you are a ray of sunshine I didn’t know I needed; your creativity and positivity inspires me every day. Kimia, you are one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Your chilled out vibes and style has influenced me massively, and thanks for messaging me very now and again to check I’m doing alright, you always get me. Amelia and the two Katies, I can’t bloody wait to live with you next year and make memories.

Morgan, I have never met a person like you. You are so ballsy, driven (I wish I was as dedicated to the gym you are!) and will say exactly what you’re thinking it’s so refreshing. Amber, Lucie and Maddie, we haven’t known each over that long but you have shown me that this doesn’t matter. True friends are there for you, support you, share our life stories and make each other laugh a lot.

My Strong, Female Family

My mum has been a massive influence in my life and it would be rude not to talk about her. She was never very girly and has never cared about hair and make-up but she doesn’t give up her femininity. Her say it how it is attitude has probably made me a little too outspoken. My sisters may wind me up like no one else can and steal all my stuff but I’m glad I have sisters, so when we are all older we can support each other in life not worrying about leaving each others sides.

Build Each Other Up

Bit of a narrative change but I want to talk about being in a more broad sisterhood of all women across the world. We need to stop tearing each other down but rather give others a boost and a helping hand where they need it. This could be in your career, social life, school, or mental health. We can start by not calling each other sluts and whores because, as the legendary Ms Norbury from mean girls says, it just makes it okay for men to call us it and degrade us. This term is thrown around way too much when women describe other women and it starts from a young age. What better time than now to promote your friends side hustle or business they are trying to launch, it is likely they are worrying about it right now and every little helps. One share that can seem so small, can go a long way.

We also need to be happy for our friends when they achieve something, like getting a good job, rather than being jealous and spiteful. There are already a lot of men hoping we fail because they don’t think we can do what they do, so prove them wrong and smash those glass ceilings, but help other women smash it too. Women all over the world are standing up for themselves and doing pretty impressive things. Let’s help those that maybe can’t do that for themselves right now and make every woman and girl feel special.

There are soooo many other women I wanted to mention, so if you are in my life and support me, then thank you xox