90’s fashion has been making a come back over the years but it has officially landed. Think less Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears double denim, more Rachel Green and Monica Geller. When talking about 90’s trends you HAVE to talk about Rachel Green. Famous for the Rachel haircut and her impeccable style. She made every single outfit look good, can anyone ever forget the plaid skirt and knee highs combo. Channelling some serious Cher Horowitz vibes.


Vintage brands like Champion have been making a comeback for a while with their oversized, branded jumpers; but some trends have slowly crept their way back in without us even realising their true 90s roots. Exercise wear moved into the everyday, from leotards/bodysuits worn with jeans, to trainers as a smart, everyday shoe like Reebok clubs and Converse. Another 90s trend thats made its way back into fashion more recently are cycling shorts. They’re like that friend you didn’t like at first but the more you saw them the more you liked them. Now I own 3 pairs and still want more despite the fact winter is fast approaching.

The Slip Dress

The slip dress over a tee makes a sexy but classy classic easily dressed up with some stilettos or down with some Stan Smith’s. Urban Outfitter’s ‘Out From Under’ range channels the idea of a slip dress. Something that looks like it is lingerie worn ‘Out From Under’. It includes a range of items with this similar style from bodysuits to loungewear. I am in love with the Urban Outfitters Audrey A-line slip dress, it fits all body shapes beautifully and can be worn in most situations. Team a slip dress with the shoe that has made a comeback, going from the shoes that your mum wears to a summer must have. Of course it is the Birkenstock’s. I still don’t have a pair of these despite searching for the perfect pair for like 2 years. Why am I so picky??


Accessories have also taken a trip back to the 90s, from cat eye and thin sunglasses to bags. I was unsure at first about the return of the Dior saddle bag until Aimee Song expressed her love for it and I knew I had to fall in love too. Now I can’t get enough and want one so bad, even though it would put me in my overdraft. The bumbag is the real comeback kid; going from fashionable, to something people joke about, to a festival and gig essential. It would be my worst nightmare to leave my bumbag at home. My little second hand, black leather, vintage bum bag is a part of me now. Another bag that has been popular since the 90s is the Jansport backpack.

Free The Nipple

When I first watched Friends I couldn’t help but notice Jenifer Anniston’s nipples. I used think bloody hell it must be cold in that studio! And why isn’t she wearing a bra??? But Green’s iconic nips are now back in fashion. With the Free The Nipple Campaign bigger than ever, more women feel less pressure to wear a bra and feel shame in a protruding nip.


No one could work a mom jean as well as Monica Geller. One of her more iconic looks was her ripped jeans and red top combo, ripped jeans being another huge trend over the years. Can you forget Rachel Green’s denim overall’s? Nope. It’s a look I’ve tried to pull off and failed so many times until Topshop released their denim pinafore dress. Now I look less like a frumpy boy and channel more of a cute summer vibe. For me, the official marking of the 90s return is double denim (no not Justin and Britney. Will we ever be able to unsee that?). But with the Topshop coloured co-ords and the MOM shorts and jacket co-ord which I am bloody loving at the moment. If you told me I’d be wearing double denim a year or so ago I’d of told you you’re crazy.

What’s your favourite 90s trend?