Once again, I know this topic will “cringe” some of you out, but it shouldn’t. If you get offended by body hair, then maybe stop reading. Body hair is a hot topic currently, with women feeling more liberated and less pressure to go through the tiresome and painful routine of shaving, waxing or lasering their hair off. Social norms have made this still a personal conflict for me and one that annoys me more than I wish it did.

While I don’t think women should have to shave any part of their body if they don’t want to, because it’s their body and they can do what they want with it, I still don’t feel confident to walk around sporting arm pit hair. When I do see women confident enough to not give a f**k I can’t help but notice and sometimes cringe a little which annoys me about myself so much. Now don’t get me wrong I rarely make my Hollywood wax appointments or shave my legs but there is something about arm pit hair on men and women that I just hate.

When people talk about body hair on men it is normal but when we talk about body hair on women it is a controversial topic that people don’t want to talk about. Like the fact even in hair removal adverts, women have no hair. Is the fact women grow hair below the eyebrow really that shameful and disgusting? It is so ingrained in women that no hair is better to the point we burn our skin and hair follicles with lasers past the point of them regrowing. Which costs a fortune too! Another example is when a famous woman chooses to not shave her armpits for the red carpet and it becomes a media frenzy.

Finally though there is a change and I hope the deep embedded hatred for another natural element of women’s bodies is normalised in society and within myself included. The choice shows women taking back control of their bodies because we’re fed up of being told what to do with it. It makes women feel (believe it or not) more womanly. We don’t want to feel like 12 year old girls we want to feel like women!! I’m lucky that I have an amazing boyfriend who couldn’t care less if I haven’t shaved my legs in three weeks as he understands it is my body and my choice. We need more men like him!! Swear down the world would be a better place.

If everyone was like my best friend Temisis as well the world would be a perfect. She inspires me everyday with her acceptance, resilience and confidence in life. I wish I had her no fucks given attitude to life and positivity. Once she even dyed her armpit hair pink for the fun of it!! I know that even though she makes it seem so effortless, it is a confidence that didn’t just happen over night. She is always growing and adapting as a person and I learn so much from her everyday. I hope one day I can wear a hairy armpit with even a slither of her grace and confidence.

So ladies and gents, if you want a hairy armpit wear it with pride. If you want your legs as smooth as a babies bottom then book that wax and strut those smooth (probably slightly red) legs down the pavement afterwards.